MotionPie – The RaspberryPi Security System

I have been looking for sometime to get a few security cameras setup around my house.  I have thought about the dropcam and oco options but they were both fairly expensive and didn’t have the options that I wanted. 

What I did have was a raspberry pi 2, two old web cameras and a 6 year old who likes to build stuff.   We spent some time this weekend working with a project called MotionPie based off of MotionEye this weekend and we really like it. 

It does take a fair amount of computer, network and linux knowledge but if you have a raspberry pi and google I am sure you could figure out.

I hope to see added (and help since it is an open source project):
Dropbox support.
Ability to select motion detection area.
Ability to change the theme colors. 

Here are a few pictures from the project.

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