The 10 Minute Free* Private VPN

People ask me all time what the one thing they should do to “stay safe” on the internet is.  If I had to pick one it would be to use a VPN when you are on a network you dont own or trust. 

It has always taken a little bit of technical skill to setup a private VPN but my friends at WebDigi have done an amazing job of making setting up a free (if you dont use it too much) private VPN on AWS easy. 

Here is the blog post on how to set it up. 

Here is the projects github page. 

Here is the walkthrough video:

Here are some tips from me: 

  • Use LT2P and not PPTP.  It is safer. 
  • Try to delete and rebuild the image twice a month to delete the logs and get a new IP address (Yes, I am paranoid).  
  • It is free to start but if you send a lot of traffic through the VPN it can end up costing you a few bucks a month. Setup billing alerts. 

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