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Burp Settings File

I am a huge fan of Tim Tomes and his Burp Suite Configuration Suggestions blog post.   The problem is that I only use Burp a couple times a month and end up facing this screen and have to re-configure burp on every launch:

So I built burpsettings.json that:

  • Disables Browsers XSS Protection
  • Disables Burp Collaborator Server
  • Disables Intercept by Default
  • Changes Scan Mode to Thorough
  • Turns Off Anonymous Feedback

This will help make my burp startup time a lot faster and I thought I would share the config file so it could help someone else also.

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Newly Registered Domain Name Keyword Search

Today I was asked if it was possible to generate a list of domain names registered everyday with a keyword in the record (company name, city, trademark, etc).   There are a few paid services that do this and has a web based tool that will do this but I wanted to automate it so I could use it with a slackbot so I put together this 4 line bash script:

./ keyword

This is super simple script but as they say “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication“.

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Automating DigiCert Certificate Issuance

I am a big fan of DigiCert for TLS Certificates and CA/WebPKI services.   While they have amazing customer support and are an amazing company to work with, there are not a lot of automation scripts to interact with their API available. So over the weekend and with a lot of help from Clint Wilson I built a shell script that:

  • Creates a CSR/Key pair using OpenSSL.
  • Uses the Digicert API to:
    • Request a TLS certificate.
    • Approve the certificate.
    • Download the certificate in:
      • .zip
      • p7b
      • pem
      • pem (with no root)

Here is the script in action:

Here is the code:

I have tested it on OSX,  Ubuntu and CentOS7 and it is fairly cross platform friendly.  Extending this script to install it should be easy but we already had the automation built to do that so it was not necessary.

Let me know on twitter if you have questions.

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Leadership Quotes From My Mentors Dad

An amazing mentor and leader I work with has been talking to me recently about what real leadership looks like and shared with me a list of quotes he keeps on his desk that his dad who had a leadership role in the military collected and gave to him.  He gave me a copy and said I was free to share them.

My [Dad’s] Rules Of Leadership:
  • Develop a vision and live it.
  • Dont lie for your people and dont lie to your people.
  • Beware of RUMINT.  It’s faster than you are.
  • Dont back away from the hard decisions,  especially personnel decisions.
  • Bad news never goes down easy and it won’t get easier with time.  It’s best to get it over with.
  • Support your subordinate supervisors when they take the high road.
  • Tell people exactly what you expect of them, including the obvious.
  • Involve your people in decisions and action planning.
  • Give them credit when things work.  Give them top cover when things go awry.
  • Trust the experts.  That’s what you pay for them for.
  • Avoid Bullshit.  You may get past the fans, but you won’t get past the players.
  • Knowledge may be power, but knowledge shared is powered squared.
  • Set an example by taking on the hard jobs.
  • Listen-Decide-Explain-Act.
  • Old ship-driving rule: When you get in extremis, DO SOMETHING.  The worse thing you can do is nothing.  Make decisions smartly and dont vacillate.  If you are wrong, admit it, back up and turn right.
  • No, you are not always right.  Get over it.  You are not as smart as you think you are and you may not be as smart as others think you are either.
  • Never underestimate the power of the expression “Thank You”.
  • Don’t fight with your friends. You haven’t got the time.

These quotes are amazing and I will be reflecting on this list for the rest of my career and am really happy to be able to share them.

Here is a “leadership” picture so shared links look better:

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10 Questions You Should Ask Every Leader

I am reading a book called “The Art of Authenticity” and in the book over a couple of chapters it talks about understanding what makes strong leaders and deciding who you should follow.

I have pulled these 10 questions out of those chapters:

  • ​What was your first leadership role?
  • When you think about the process of becoming the leader that you are today, what experiences stand out for you as turning points? ​​​
  • How do you choose people to hire for your team?
  • Do you look from resume virtues or eulogy virtues first when you make a hiring choice?
    (Resume virtues are the skills you bring to work,  Eulogy virtues are things people say about you when you die.)
  • What kinds of behaviors irritate you in colleagues?
  • Whom do you admire?
  • How would you describe yourself as a leader?
  • What kinds of situations bring out the best in you?
  • What kinds of situations bring out the worst in you?
  • What is the hardest thing you have ever done as a leader?

​I will be spending the next couple of weeks with my mentors and leadership team finding out their thoughts on these questions and this is one of those non-technical things I felt inclined to share.  I am sure this book will spawn a few more these short posts.

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