Host Websites On Github

I have developed a bad habit of picking up vanity domain names and not really doing much with them. Last month at AWS Re:Invent I picked up and really wanted to do something with it but didn’t feel like maintaining, or paying for, a VPS so after doing some looking around I found that is was possible to point a custom domain to Github pages.

The documentation they provide is a little lacking, so I figured I would put together a small how to for anyone who wants to do this for themselves.

Configure Your Github Repo

  • Select Your Theme:
  • Decide What Branch You Want To Host The Page In:
  • Enter Your Domain Name:
  • Enforce HTTPS
  • Finally, Edit Your file With Your Content.

Configure DNS

DNS configuration is pretty straightforward. You want to add the following IP addresses to your custom resource records.
This is what my records look like.

You Now Have A Website

After you configure your repo and update you DNS settings within 15 minutes or so your website should be live.


This is a really such simple method of hosting a website I parked the rest of my vanity websites:

I hope this is helpful for other people looking to host a website quickly.

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