Dependency Check A Github Organization

Recently while working on a project I wanted to run OWSAP Dependency Check against a Github Organization to find any out of date frameworks but I couldn’t find an easy way to do it so I built a tool. Right now it will check Node and Ruby applications and put all the out of date frameworks in a single CSV.
As an example I ran the tool against the Netflix Open Source Project and here are the results from today.  They have 35 out of date frameworks in all their public projects.
Here is what it looks like running:
Here is the code:

username="[email protected]"
passwordtoken="get from here:"
repos=$(curl -u $username:$passwordtoken -s$org/repos?per_page=200 | jq -r .[].name | sort )
mkdir results
for repo in $repos
#Find Default Branch
defaultbranch=$(curl -u $username:$passwordtoken -s$org/$repo | jq -r .default_branch)
node=$(curl -u $username:$passwordtoken -s -o /dev/null -I -w "%{http_code}"$org/$repo/$defaultbranch/package.json)
  if [ $node -eq "200" ]; then
    printf "Testing %s. \n" "$repo"
    curl -s -u $username:$passwordtoken$org/$repo/$defaultbranch/package.json > package.json
    dependency-check --scan ./package.json --project "$repo" --format CSV --out results/$repo.csv
    printf "\n\n"
    ruby=$(curl -u $username:$passwordtoken -s -o /dev/null -I -w "%{http_code}"$org/$repo/$defaultbranch/Gemfile.lock)
    if [ $ruby -eq "200" ]; then
    printf "Testing %s. \n" "$repo"
    curl -s -u $username:$passwordtoken$org/$repo/$defaultbranch/Gemfile.lock > Gemfile.lock
    dependency-check --scan ./Gemfile.lock ---project "$repo" --format CSV --out results/$repo.csv
    printf "\n\n"
  printf "%s is not a Node or Ruby Project. Unable to run dependency-check. \n\n" "$repo"
#Consulidate The Report
 cat results/*.csv > results/temp.csv
 awk '!x[$0]++' results/temp.csv > results/temp2.csv
 cut -d',' -f1-4,6- results/temp2.csv > githubvulns.csv
 rm results/*.csv

Some Quick Notes:

  • There was a bug that was just fixed that stopped me from releasing this earlier.
  • I will try to expand this to scan more types of code in the future.
  • Let me know on twitter if you have any questions.

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