Raspberry Pi OsoYoo TFT

Last week I saw this 3.5″ Touchscreen LCD and case on Amazon for $20 so I ordered it thinking it would be fairly easy to install and get to work.  I was wrong and spent the better part of a Saturday looking at this:

2016-04-30 18.49.13

After spending 5 or 6 hours digging through forums, reddit posts and reinstalling my Raspberry Pi 3 times I finally got it to work:

2016-05-01 15.04.47

Hoping that no one else has to go through this I put together instructions and posted them on GitHub.

Now I have a cool desk clock (sudo apt-get install tty-clock) that on the backend can be doing all kinds of amazing stuff (like being a persistent reverse SSH tunnel):

2016-05-01 16.22.05


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