Finding Weev-Able Printers.

This weekend the infamous hacker and troll Weev decided it would be hilarious if he printed fascist flyers  on open printers around the united states using this top secret APT string:
cat |netcat -q 0 ipadreess 9100
A lot of Colleges and Universities seem to have a problem with this.   While I strongly disagree with the content that Weev printed I was interested in how many printers were “vulnerable”  to this attack.
Using (my favorite internet host search tool) to search for the following string “location.country_code:US AND telnet AND HP Jetdirect” I found 15,237 printers in the US that are “weev-able”.

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 6.56.52 AM
While 15,237 printers on the public internet is ridculous searching for “location.country_code:US AND “HP JetDirect Password is not set”” displays 5,683 printers that have no passwords set at all.
This is so ridiculous this is the only way I know how to end this post:
giphy (1)

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