Swinging For The Fences

I am going to whack the ball the over the fence.

That was my four year olds response when I reminded him that his first T-Ball game was later that day as I woke him up.  I love my son but he spent 80% of his first and only T-Ball practice trying to make the other kids on his team laugh. He is no Jose Abreu.

My first instinct was to tell him:

Logically the chances of you hitting the ball over the fence are not very realistic, why don’t we concentrate on a single and hustling to first base? 

As I sit on his bed getting ready to tell him why he isn’t going to hit a home run he tells me:

I can’t wait for my game tonight, it is going to be a so much fun!

At that moment my 4 year old reminded me that baseball it isn’t as much fun if you aren’t swinging for the fences. The same can be said about life. I can hit singles and hustle to first all day but wouldn’t it be a lot more fun to swing for the fences?

Even if you dont hit a home run you might even end up on 3rd base talking to your friend.

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