How To Be A Security Expert On Twitter

So you want to be a Twitter security expert? I have come up with an easy to follow list to make sure you are:

All Cons, All The Time!
If you are not tweeting about flying to, attending, partying at, or flying home from a con at least once a month you cant be a security expert.  Also try not to mention what you actually do for a living.  It removes some of the expert shine.

Be an expert on EVERYTHING.
Heartbleed? Drones? Malaysia Airlines Flight 370? Top Secret NSA Domestic Spying Programs? Windows Patching? Programming?  All in your wheelhouse.  If you are going to be a twitter security expert you need to know this stuff.  Skimming half a wikipedia page qualifies you to speak on any subject authoritatively. 

Everything is your business.
A company you own no stock in appoints someone you dont like to their board of directors or CEO? Good thing you are an expert on EVERYTHING!  Time to be really outraged and let everyone know it!

It is all about you!
This is the main rule of being a security expert on twitter! Every time somebody expresses an opinion with which you disagree, they are doing it to anger you personally. It would be wrong to not to take it as a deeply personal insult.

How many followers do you have?
Make you sure you are have at minimum one bot a week tweet about how many followers, re-tweet and mentions you have.  You need people to know how important and influential you are!

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