5 Things I Am Bad At

I am reading a book and one of the questions in it was “What are 5 things you do poorly?”. I thought it was a very interesting and thought provoking question. If the question was “What are 5 things you are super awesome at?” I could whip up at list without hesitation in about 5 minutes. It took me an hour to come up with my list but here are the 5 things I am bad at:

I never liked the grammar part of English class. When I was in high school I never thought that writing would be something I would do so I goofed off and didn’t pay attention enough and because of that my writing skills are really poor.

Listening instead of thinking about what to say next.
Were you talking? Sorry I was thinking of what I wanted to say next and not really paying attention to what you said.

Doing Dishes
I am really, really bad at doing dishes. So bad in fact my wife never makes me do the dishes because she ends up just having to redo most of them.

I hate the quiet and have to have some kind of music,TV or conversation all the time.

Completing repetitive tasks for a long period of time.
I would be the worst factory or fast food worker in the history of history. If I have to do something at work that is repetitive I try to figure out a way to automate it. 

What are 5 things you are bad at?

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