Dell World: The Journey Is Half The Destination.

I am lucky enough to be an invited guest of Dell this week at DellWorld.  They picked up the flights and hotel this week so I can share with you guys as a “social influencer”.   

I was scheduled to fly to Austin this morning but due to an ice storm in Dallas on Sunday my flight was canceled but thanks to some fast thinking by the travel team at Dell they were able to get me a seat on a flight last night.  

One of my all-time favorite travel quotes is:

The journey is half the destination.

That is definitely true for getting here last night.

1)      My plane was delayed for 2 hours before even boarding.

2)      Once we got on the plane we had to get off so in the words of the captain they could “reboot the plane to get the lights to work”

3)      Once in Dallas we had to sit on the tarmac for about 30 minutes waiting for a gate as the lady next to me started to cry.  She had been trying to get home for the last 4 days and just missed the only flight home due to not getting to the gate in time.

We did finally get to Austin a little after midnight last night and I caught 4 hours of sleep and this beautiful south Texas sunrise.

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