XPS 13

I have been doing a lot of traveling and speaking over the last year and my old (but trusty) Latitude D630 was starting to show its age (as in wont cold boot unless I remove the battery) and I was running out of room on the lid for conference stickers so I jumped at the chance when Dell offered to give me a new XPS13 Ultrabook.

This is my first ultrabook but just the difference in size is going to make me love the thing. It is a little less than 3 pounds compared to the 6+ pounds of my D630.

The laptop its self is really well put together. I love the Chiclet style keyboard, built in webcam and screen is just amazingly bright and clear.  I was watching an episode of the Simpsons on it the other day and it looked a lot better than my TV.

There are two things I am not in love with on this laptop. The track pad seems to lock up when I am using it and it takes a few seconds for it to respond. Update: This is fixed by disabling the Palm Rejection. The other thing I am not crazy about it the displayport, I understand they did it to save room but I will be that guy asking to borrow your displayport to vga converter at every conference. I lose those things faster than a second grader loses his baby teeth.

Overall the XPS13 seems to be pretty awesome. It will be very interesting to see how the battery and the case holds up once conference season starts for me in May.

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