What can security professionals learn from Santa?

Santa has a naughty list and checks it twice.
I know “blacklisting” is a naughty word in the security community but Santa does it and so should you.


There is no reason that if you are charged with protecting a network you shouldn’t have a list of naughty people you don’t want on your network.  A blackhole DNS server along with ip geolocation blocking can save your network by helping keep known bad people out. 

Everyone loves Santa.
Security people have a bad habit of not being the most liked person in their company and many have taken on the persona of the Grinch and love it.

“No, You cant use your new IPAD on the network”

The bad news is no one likes the Grinch and they aren’t going to check with you when they want to do something. On the other hand everyone loves Santa and will even give you cookies.

Santa does very little work and gets most of the credit.
Santa gets a lot of credit for the mayhem caused on Christmas night but actually does very little of the actual work.

As security professionals we spend a lot of time trying to stop “Santa” when we really need to worry about more realistic threats.

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